International Medical Centre of Provence


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Welcome to our multilingual medical centre.

The IMC International Medical Centre of Provence is a centre of excellence for family medicine and specialist healthcare.

Dr Charles Black

Family medicine, internal medicine and geriatrics.


Dr Matthias Feucht

Specialist in ophthalmology and eye surgery.


Dr Ralph Jennessen

Specialist in orthopaedic surgery, traumatology and osteopathy.


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Operated by highly experienced doctors from America, Denmark and Germany, IMC aims to provide a high level of service in different specialties. The doctors and secretaries speak multiple languages.

In addition to English, we speak French, Danish, Swedish and German. We welcome visits from people staying in the area on holiday, as well as those who live in France part-time or full-time.

Private consultations are available during weekdays by appointment. IMC is registered with the proper French authorities for health insurance purposes. French residents may use their Carte Vitale. EU/EFTA residents can request reimbursement from their national health authority.